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Equineternal Pty Ltd has been established for further development, a place of the technical transfer to the next generation of the equestrian industry in Australia, Japan and other countries.

Terry Sakai (Director of Equineternal P/L) has been 12 years in Australia from Japan.
Equineternal operated for International & Domestic performance horse sale & buy, Training horse and Coaching..

Terry operates Equestrian Team for Dressage and Show Jumping.
Terry teaches a lot of young future riders and lovely horsemen and horsewomen.

Terry Sakai had managed Warmblood Stud since 1996 to 2004.
Terry likes to train future young stars as well. One of Terry's mare " BJ Kaneto Ardelhaid " won Jumping with stars in Melborune in 2002. Now a lot of his stock in Dressage and jumping field and very succeed in National wild.
If you have any problem or you want to get promise for your young star. we love to hepl to train your young horses.

We are always looking for quality performance horse for sale
If you want to sale your horse, simply send us
  1. Photo (Near side, Off side, Front, Back and Face shots
  2. DVD General movement (If horse has competed, latest Video as well)
    Please do not editing, We do ourself. Sometime we need exchange different formate for oversea.  So we need original one.
  3. If someone do not want to sale to oversea, please let me know, we will find domestic customer for you
    (Singapore )
    SOLD (Local)
    SOLD (Local)
    Organize Air Transport
If you need more information, how you can sale your horse !!

Performance Horse Sale

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